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Love Yuri, We do too!Love Yuri, We do too!
One's Purpose:…

Addicted to Hatsune Miku Project Diva f: Trying to figure out the best Halloween costume to draw Miku in. Read my Tumblr post for more… 

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The serach for Yuri everywhere
Manga Magazine
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For some reason the PSN banner isn't working, but the id is still correct... just not the trophies...

Yuri Novels

During my 6 year break from working on manga I began working several Lesbian novels, including switching a few of my yuri manga series to novels. Here are the ones that can be found on DA:
Completed Novels:
Dreaming of Another Day novelThis is the first chapter in a much longer story. Please check the description before asking for more as the entire story is here you just need to check the gallery link for the rest.
Dreaming of Another Day
By Kathryn K Williams
Based in part on a true story

Dedicated In Memory of my first love and to all of those who have lost loves.
Special thanks to my wife who helped me cope with the nightmares and the pain.
Chapter One
"Yesterday I buried my love,
Today I bury myself,
Tomorrow... Who can tell..."

“Kristen McKenzie, Age: 18, eleventh grade post secondary school.” The councillor looked up from the papers she just read, at the teen that sat across from her. In all the years Miss. Thomson had been a councillor this was the first time she had ever encountered a student quite like this one. The student stood a little over 5' 5" in height. Her wavy copper-red hair was cut extremely short. But most notably were her cold, emotionless blue eyes that had a dista
A Shadowlander's Dream Book 1Warning: This is the first chapter of a several book long series. Be sure to check the links in the description for the rest of this story.
A Shadowlander's Dream - Book One: A Tale of Shadows
Story written by Kathryn K. Williams
Part One: Dawn's Break
Prologue to a Dream
Delicate bare feet cautiously slip out from under the warmth and protective feeling of the large comforter that covered a small bed. A bed that sat snug in the corner of a tiny room, covered in the many stuffed animals that proudly guarded their princess throughout the night. Beady eyes watched the girl as they wondered which would be chosen to accompany the girl on her journey to the washroom on that dark night. Not even the moon’s light was present through the child’s window on that night and this meant that a special guardian would be needed for the journey down the long hall outside of her room. A raccoon that was almost the size of the child’s upper body was plucked out of the rankings next to the
Morbid Tales Book 1Morbid Tales of Macabre Curiosity and Deranged Love: Story One
Written by Kathryn K Williams with assistance/editing from Kimberly Williams.
Warning: This story is one chapter in this series. If you wish to find the beginning then check the links in the description. Thank you.
Well, I have not seen you around these parts before. Are you new to town?
Ahhh, I see... We do not get many travellers around Holland-Greystoke much these days, not after the happenings.
What? You have not heard? I thought that was the reason for your travelling out to this desolate little nothing of a town. This town holds a dismal past and many a traveller used to pass by here, wanting a glimpse at the town that death settled upon all those years ago.
It is true. Death does live in this very hollowed town and I can prove it. How do I know you ask? I’m the head examiner at the old death house down the road. I’m in charge of all the more gruesome of deaths, the only one
In My Heart and In My MindIn My Heart and In My Mind
Written by Kathryn K Williams.
Warning: This story is one chapter in this series. If you wish to find the beginning then check the links in the description. Thank you.
All ideas, characters and the like are copyright of Kathryn K Williams 2006. Please do not copy this story or any others under her name or anyone else.
Part One
Chapter one
An alarm clock came to life in the early morning hours of the day, screaming its call for its owner to stop dreaming and enter reality once again. A long slender hand emerged from a cocoon of blankets and gave the alarm a quick smack to shut the infernal machine up. With a moan the arm returned to its cave and pulled the blankets closed in an attempt to block out the intruding day. Within moments the alarm sprung to life yet again to be quickly silenced, this time by the heel of a foot. Struck from its place on the night table the alarm hung mere inches from the floor, saved from a dreadful fall by its cord. The arm s
The Lingerin' Shadows WithinA Shadowlander's Tale: The Lingering Shadows Within
Written by Kathryn K Williams
Note: This is a side story from my Shadowlanders Series, however it is a stand alone short that does not require reading A Shadowlander's Dream in order to understand. For those who have read the Shadowlanders stories it will open up more insight into the mysteries of the shadowlands and the worlds there after. Enjoy.
Chapter One
As I lay upon the icy marble floor with this frosty mist drifting over my head I think to myself. Did the pills really opened the door to this dreadful place or my own mind. Maybe by telling you the tale of how I got where I now lay you will understand my ponderings and watch out for the warning signs that are all about us.
I trudged along the dark downtown street of the small town of London with only the light of the street lamps to guide my way. If you could call that strip of shops, downtown. It comprised of two square blocked of three story high buildings with s

Short Stories:
Short Story: GreenwoodWelcome to Greenwood
Written by Kathryn K Williams
In the seven years that I've lived in Toronto I've rode the subway trains many times and it is my main mode of transportation, aside from my own feet that is. I rarely go near Greenwood station; in fact I've only stepped upon its platform once as far as I can remember. Every time I pass the station however, and read its name written in large green tiles across the walls, I find myself chuckling and saying to myself, "Welcome to Greenwood. Everyone off." Now most would not understand this inside joke of mine unless you have lived in my shoes for a few years, and I would not recommend it. You see I am an avid reader of horror and in my day I have read nearly everything worth reading on the subject. Somewhere during my pursing of the libraries in my home town I discovered something about a place called "Greenwood" however in this case it was referring to an insane asylum in the middle of a forest where only the truly mad are locked away a
Haunted HeartsHaunted Hearts
By Kathryn K Williams
Toni’s shaky hands struck a wooden match against its house and a small flickering flame came to life. Hastily her hands moved flame to a crumpled paper, praying for it to catch.  Reds and yellows hungrily consumed their meal of newspapers and broken down furniture. Their mesmerizing dance sent glimmering streams of light that bounced off hard sad eyes of the nearby teenaged girl. A smile crossed her rain-drenched face, as the flame grew larger with every passing minute, devouring all she had placed within the fireplace hearth and filling the room with the fire’s warming glow.
The pattering of heavy rainfall could be heard overhead and blue streaks of lightning lit up the skies through the cracked windows, but Toni felt safe next to the fireplace of this long forgotten abode. Until this day she feared venturing close to the deserted old house, with its peelings paint and squeaky hinged doors, afraid of what might linger within its

Still in works:
A Shadowlander's Dream Book 4
The Whimsical Wanderers:…
One's Purpose the novel:…
Tainted Impressions:…
Secret Letters:…

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Thank you so much for all of these. It really brightens my day to see people are enjoying my stories and take the time to make me these gifts.
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Extra thanks to :icondrwinston: and :icondeglorath: for the subscriptions. I greatly appreciate it.
Also check out some of the Fan art people have done for my works.

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Interested in more Gay comics well then check out :icongaycomics: where you can find Inside Out and many other gay related stories.
Also check out these other great yuri web comic artist.
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A weekend of music

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 1:43 PM

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I hope you all had a fun weekend, I sure did. Been playing my Vita mostly, and got a 48 hour guest pass for Crunchy Roll so I can get a chance to watch yuki yuna wa yusha de aru early. If you don't know why this is an interesting series it is one of the few with a character in a wheelchair and while she is a magical girl apparently she doesn't regain use of her legs when she transforms, but can still kick butt. This is a big deal so I'll be watching it just before going to get some art done.

If you are on my tumblr, or saw the new poll, you know what I've been up to this weekend. There was a weekend PSN sale and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F and f was part of it. F, the PS3 version, was 19.99 while f, the Vita version was onlyu $11.99... notice the difference in the upper and lower case to show the difference between the PS3 and Vita versions? sneaky devils... I've been playing the hell out of the game. Originally told myself I just wanted to unlock all the songs, 32 songs without the DLC. Took me not much time to do that. Then I told myself I just wanted to get all the Gadgets because there was a Jukebox that lets you create a playlist of songs and just listen to them and a TV that lets you play through the videos. So off I went trying to beat all the songs on Normal Difficulty... That took the rest of the weekend as I realized that the last Gadget could only be gained by completing all the songs.

Soooo basically I've been obsessively playing this game as I try to gain all the songs, items, costumes and what have you. One of the reasons I wanted this is because of the model viewer so I can do some fanart. If you've seen my poll from last night about which costume to draw her in for Halloween. I'm also thinking of some other art related to this, maybe a Screenshot redraw, been kind of addicted to "Remote Controller" and some of the scenes from that video is rather silly and cute.

Oh, I just looked up all the things in Project Diva F 2nd and can't wait for it to come out. 40+ songs, many from the PSP games that never came out West, there were apparently 3 PSP games before these 2 PS3 and Vita games. Lots of costumes and improvements. Also it looks like some of the stuff you've unlocked in the first will transfer over to the next game. It will be coming out on the 18th of Nov. Also Project Mirai 2 for the 3DS will be coming in 2015. I'm so glad to see these games are doing so well since it is pretty much built by the fans, fan music and fanart. It is wonderful seeing something with so much community support gain more attention overseas.

Anyways, lots of gaming stuff and not much else. I'll try to get to work shortly, slowly waking up right now... Hope you all had a good weekend.


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Journal History

Words from a Kat

RA - No More, please. by The-Yuri-Canon
I am a disabled lesbian survivor who suffers from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to a traumatic past that left me hospitalized for a short while. My battles with cPTSD lead me into a world of art and writing as I tried to find ways to express myself better and help myself cope with the madness within. By all accounts I’m considered clinically insane, but I keep myself together with bits of string and sticky tape.

During my struggles to cope with my mental issues I started to create my own small press company, Kat And Neko Manga, starting with my first manga series A Shadowlander’s Dream, which was the tale of a girl lost between the worlds of Dream and Reality. This story gained a small fan following that lead me to writing my first novel Dreaming of Another Day, which is the story of my high school years and how I survived some of the worst times in my life. The story was written to help me get out a dark secret that I’d been baring and help put my thoughts onto paper.

Though these stories I met many others people like myself. They claimed the story helped them in their own recovery and showed them the strength they needed to continue on. Hear this gave me the strength as well as a purpose. I wanted to tell more stories. Wanted to create worlds that people could be absorbed into, characters they could relate to and more then anything help them realize that they were not as alone in this world as we all thought.

It was also through these stories that I met my beautiful and lovely wife, Kimberly theredwolf13 . It is because of her I was able to post many of my stories that I felt ashamed of or embarrassed about. She encouraged me to write more and return to art after a 5 year break away from it all, after a slight mental breakdown and had to shut down the Kat And neko manga site. She is my muse and reason I am alive today, my soulmate and my love. Without her I'd never complete so many novels or start work on my new Yuri manga series Inside OuT

Since being together I’ve returned to my old goals, striving to create works that people can relate to in one form or another. I work much slower then I did all those years ago and my works may not be the best, but I put my all into everything I do and love doing it. I'm glad so many enjoy what I do and thank you all for reading or looking at my works. I hope to have many more tales for you all in the coming future. I may take a month or two off from time to time as I deal with the insanity in my head and life, but one thing is for certain. I love what I do and I'm never going to quit doing it.

Thanks for dropping by my page and reading this

Kat - AKA Shinigami Shimai


Q:Can you help me with a serious issue?
A:If you are seeking help or have questions regarding your sexuality or relationship issues then someone at one of these clubs might be able to help you more then I could, :icongbsta::iconlgbt-on-da::icondapride: If you send me a message regarding this stuff don't get upset with me because I don't have the answers. I'm just human. I simple write and draw these stories, that doesn't make me all knowing when it comes to this stuff.

Other places that possibly can help:
Sexuality and U
Kids Help Phone
Gay youth line

Q: What program do you use for your art?
A: I started out with Photoshop 5.5 back in the day and PS CS2 until recently when I was convinced to work with Sai. I primarily use the pentool for my lines and colouring. You can find my tutorials here:… Which need to be updated soon...

Q: Where did you get your toner from?
A: Art stores mostly. I bought a lot during a sale once years ago. Also during my con years I was giving all kinds of free pages from dealers, one of the perks of being a GoH I guess. *shurgs*

Q: Do you mind if I draw you some fan art?
A: I always enjoy getting fan art for my stories. So send them away.

Q: Will you be attending "Insert con or event here"?
A: I no longer attend conventions or anything like that due to stress issues. Sorry, I don't see myself attention conventions for a long time still.

Q: Is Inside OuT… based on your life?
A: No, it isn't. I did attend a school of the arts and it is similar to the one in Inside OuT, but that is about it. My high school years were much darker and can be read here:…

Q: Why is your online name "Shinigami Shimai"?
A: The name comes from my first manga series A Shadowlander's Dream created back in 97 and refers to nine sisters of death who reside at the edge of reality. I was looking for a unique name that no one else used. That was back in the late 90ss and since then it stuck. The end of June 2012 I finally changed to to The-Yuri-Canon. More about the meaning behind this new name here:…

Q: How long have you been married to your wife?
A: We got married on Jan 29th of 2005.

Q: Why do you draw so much yuri and lesbianism?
A: Because I'm a old lesbian and works from experience and there just isn't enough yuri in the world!

For more questions and answers check my Tumblr
Have a question you wish to ask then send it to my Tumblr Ask

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FreeWolfskid Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I have to watch you for three reasons:
1. I love yuri and you're art.
2. You give me some hope, Thx for that.
3. My Computer finally work when I press the watch button.XD

Have a nice day!
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smithca1988 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
The lesbian girl who is of Japanese decent (at the school I do lunch work), she traded lunch trays with her new part Native American girlfriend (who suits her better) was feeding her as the Japanese decent was feeding her.  So Cute. :aww: :pride:

Those two were talking in the lunch line about loosing there eyesight and the Japanese girl said I would hate it because I could not see the Anime, lesbian too that we watch and the manga, lesbian as well not to mention my panting and manga like style I Draw in. To think there is an artist who is also drawing Yuri out there. I believe one of the stories they mentioned to each other they were watching or reading was "Girlfriends". 
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smithca1988 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Tons of new "A-Channel"…
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Thank chu I found the watch button 
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LonesomeMusicNote Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You are amazing and when I figure out how to watch people I will watch you.
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GGundamSamurai Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Your gallery is very... festive.
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smithca1988 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
I have to Thank You Kat. If you did not have the Artist Chloe or Batlesbo as one of your great yuri artists at the bottom left I would have not found her web comic "Go Get a Roomie". I would have never have met a guy from England on the comment section of her web comic. so you are the one who I have to thank for me meeting a guy, Jay on "Go Get a Roomie".  :) 
(1 Reply)
smithca1988 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Hirari has ended at issue number 14 in paper form. :(  It might live on as a underground web mag according to people who are translating stories from Hirari.  :)
(2 Replies)
smithca1988 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
I just found this story you Might like it  from web page:…
 "A Canadian doctor, who remains anonymous, has written a lesbian erotica novel entitled Jade Wallace
Dr. Soma Stanford (author’s pen name) is a physician and writer in Canada. She is breaking boundaries with her new novel, Jade Wallace. Jade, the novel’s protagonist, is an open-minded woman in her mid-twenties intent on exploring her own sexuality. Though it is a lesbian erotica novel with steamy sex scenes, it’s also a coming of age story about love, loss and the search for meaning in life." 
(1 Reply)
smithca1988 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
I was just thinking, has it been said in the Inside Out Comic where they live in Japan? If not where do they live? 
Sorry if this is inconvenient.
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